Your special stained glass and how it is made.

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I have made thousands of windows for homes and businesses across Australia and more recently in New Zealand. Call me to discuss your own commissioned design or choose from the many on display in the gallery.
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These designs and many more are all available to see in the gallery.

How stained glass is made

I design and make only genuine Stained Glass. It takes a high level of skill to design a window with its many peices fitting precisely together to create a great amount of strength without exposed bars, and be pleasing to the eye at the same time. 
COLOUR The glass used is coloured with metals and minerals  i.e. cobalt for blue. Some coloured glass is very expensive as in the case of red and yellow  glass, which can contain pure gold. The colours are added when the glass is molten. The glass is often formed by hand and imported from around the world. 

CUTTING Glass is cut with great care using tungsten wheeled cutters and nibbling plyers to finish within one or two millimetres of tolerance, and using electric and hand grinders.  
PAINTING Writing and various other design lines are painstakingly hand painted on to the glass with great precision, using crushed and ground black glass or other chemical coloured glass, mixed with flux and a flow medium. I kiln fire the hand painting at 1250 degrees when the surface of the glass is molten, and it may need to be fired many times to create the right effect. This is very time consuming and may take longer than the prepartion of the rest of the window.
The paint has to be fired into the glass in a kiln at temperatures that melt the glass surface and paint together. When done by a skilled artist this ensures the art will last more than a lifetime - with the oldest surviving painted stained glass windows in the world now around 1000 years old - and yes we are still making our windows the same way!

LEAD and SOLDER The lead used is of the highest quality which ensures long life, strength and an even smooth finish. It is manufactured in Australia and made to various specific sizes in the shape of a H, designed for the glass fitting in either side of the channel to support it. The whole piece is then soldered together using an electric soldering iron.
PUTTY is for strength and waterproofing and is made using various powders, linseed oil and other products including carbon black. This gives the lead a high gloss black when applied with black dust  and a lot of elbow grease!  If it is an exterior window it will need reputtying every 50 years or so to stop water coming in, and bowing, sagging and rattling - to aviod this simply double glaze which I have been doing for 30 years.. 
INSTALLATION is simple and can be done by a handyman or your local glazier as the way I make the windows is with a thick lead border around the outside making them strong and easy to handle. This lead can be cut back up to 10mm if the window frame is out of square or has been measured incorrectly. 

FREE HANGING my  stained glass with  the thick lead edge can be strengthened to suppor the weight of the window to free hang it, or  it can be framed and suspended in your window opening. This is done so it can be easily removed and hung in another window, hung on a wall, or easily taken to a new location and even permanently fitted elswhere at a later stage.
 EXPERIENCE I have been making stained glass this way for  around 30 years.  One of my biggest acheivements was making Australia's largest stained glass window, "The Garden of Eden", which featured slumped, fused and hand painted glass. and was showcased on prime time television, in newspapers and at the Brisbane Home Show.
Many of my pieces went into cyclone rated areas on the waterfront and into canal homes in Brisbane where I lived and produced stained glass for 20 years.
A LIFE TIME GUARANTEE is provided for all stained glass. This is only possible because this is genuine stained glass. The colours will never fade - ever!
See Mandy Wood Stained Glass on YouTube for videos of my glass works history, the inside of the gallery,  how stainedglass is made and what is involved in a counsultation. 

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