Mandy Wood Stained Glass

  1. Stained Glass
    Stained Glass
    stained glass and leadlight made to order, repairs, lessons.
  2. Stained Glass
    Stained Glass
  1. Gallery
    Visit the gallery and see the large selection of stained glass in a variety of styles. See how it is made in the open workshop. Giftware, lamps, doors, jewellery, souvenirs available.
  2. Lessons
    Mandy has been teaching Stained Glass for over 25 years. Come and join fun glass classes anyone can do. Copper foil or leaded stained glass windows. Evening and day classes in leaded windows.
  3. Stained Glass
    Mandy has been designing, making and Teaching Stained Glass for over 30 years. Come and have your ideas brought to life by commissioning a piece or choose from many designs with windows on display in the gallery.

Imagine the timeless beauty of stained glass in your home  ​​

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